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.NET Coolness

I just received one of those standard project announcements from Anne Jacko, but in it was something which really caught my eye:

EMFT Project Announcement

The EMFT project would like to announcement the creation of a new component, EMF4NET. The goal of EMF4Net is to enhance the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) with a code generation facility for the .Net platform. EMF4Net will allow the generation of C# code from Ecore models in the same way that EMF generates Java code.

Neither Ecore nor the EMF code generation facility are limited to Java but provide the ability to generate code for other object-oriented languages. However, the generation of non-Java code alone does not make that code as useful as the Java code generated by EMF, because EMF’s core runtime is missing in the non Java languages. Therefore EMF4Net tries to provide a translation of the EMF core runtime for the .Net platform.

All votes for the creation of the component were +1; see

The proposal is here:

We will be adding Reinhold Bihler, Deyan Rizov, and Manfred Bottger as EMFT committers.

Ed Merks, EMF/EMFT Project Lead and Modeling PMC Lead

Personally, I think it’s cool to see Eclipse projects add support for other platforms in addition to Eclipse.

I’m pretty sure that Higgins has some stuff targeting .NET, and Doug Schaefer occasionally threatens C# support in CDT, but I think that’s about it. Does anyone know of any other projects that I’m not aware of?

Written by Mike Milinkovich

December 17, 2007 at 1:50 pm

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  1. Thanks Mike for promoting my baby!It is funny to see how a “Modeling Redneck” gets interested in a modeling component ;-)When EMF4Net is working properly you will be able to (now I am quoting Ed again) “draw a box called X with a compartment called y” and you get an Java interface as well as a C# interface called X with getY and setY methods, a Java as well as a C# class called XImpl, with getY and setY methods as well as a y field and method bodies to update y, a Java and a C# factory to create an XImpl, some code to serialize X’s y feature (in a serialization format that is interchangeable between Java and .Net), and finally some code to deserialize an X’s y feature … now do you finally believe all modelers are stupid ?-))There are further open source C# projects for eclipse. E.g. Emonic tries to integrate Mono and .Net development into eclipse.Further information about EMF4Net can be found at, Reinhold


    December 17, 2007 at 6:16 pm

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