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Releasing Galileo

Denis pushes the Big Red Button

Denis pushes the Big Red Button

It was smooth as silk this morning as our esteemed Webmaster Denis Roy pushed the “big red button” to unleash Galileo. He had his moment of trepidation, but so far everything has gone very smoothly.

Thirty-three projects, 380 committers, 24MLOC+…this is a major software release no matter how you measure it.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone in the Eclipse community who contributed.

I would like to also take a moment to thank the people at the Eclipse Foundation who helped make it happen:

  • Wayne Beaton, Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Anne Jacko and Gabe O’Brien for helping run the development processes over the past year. Supporting the Planning Council, getting the Reviews done and keeping the portal running are just a few of their contributions.
  • Janet Campbell, Barb Cochrane and Sharon Corbett for getting all of the IP reviews completed. Eclipse’s well deserved reputation for care of our community’s IP is a big part of our success.
  • Denis Roy, Matt Ward and Karl Matthias for keeping the IT infrastructure up and running flawlessly. Not just for the deluge of downloads, but keeping CVS, SVN, Bugzilla, etc. working throughout a year of development.
  • Nathan Gervais for doing some very cool web design for Galileo. The look of the landing page, download pages, etc. is the best yet by far.
  • Ian Skerrett and Lynn Gayowski for helping with the marketing launch for Galileo. Lining up the press interviews, etc. is a big job. Helping organize 30 democamps around the world is an even bigger job!
  • Donald Smith for organizing a very cool Member Distro Download program.

Helping the community ship the release train is an all-consuming task for the staff here at the Eclipse Foundation. Each year sees incremental improvement, and this year was by far the best job yet. Congratulations and thanks to the team!

Written by Mike Milinkovich

June 24, 2009 at 10:58 am

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